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The Criterion Music Box

Pronounced in the 1890s b musical and mechanical experts the highest development of artistic and intrinsic value.
The Criterion like all the other Paillard Music Boxes combined all the desirable improvements of other instruments of its kind, and  possessed many valuable and original features; simple and strong in construction; never got cut of tune, and with proper usage will last a lifetime. (As we can appreciate today many have lasted longer than that).
The Criterion Music Boxes played all the world's best music with the delicacy and finish of a trained artist. Each tune was stamped on an indestructible steel tune disc, with protected edge; will last forever.
The Criterion Music Boxes were encased in all popular woods, and finished like a piano. Were guaranteed "in 1898" by fifty years of reputation as the leading Music Box makers of the world W. J. Paillard & Co.
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Reuge Music Boxes beginnings goes back to 1865 when Charles Reuge, a watch-maker from the Val-de-Travers, settles in Sainte-Croix and begins producing pocket watches with musical movements. You'll fall in love with a Vintage or Antique Reuge Music Box, and as any other treasured heirloom masterpiece, Antique Reuge Music Boxes are a great investments, financially and historically for generations to come.
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Regina music boxes were advertised in 1901 like "the Simplest, Strongest, Cheapest and best Toned Music Boxes made; No exception whatever. When you buy a Regina music box you are getting the best music box that money can buy."
Another ad in 1894 went like this:
-"The Regina is the first and only Music Box manufactured in the United States.
-The Regina Music Box plays thousand of tunes of every variety, including the latest operatic and popular airs.
-The Regina Music Boxes excels in purity and volume of tone as well as general durability.
-The Regina Music Box has a clockwork whose parts are interchangeable throughout, and repairs, if any, will not cause the expense always experienced with imported music boxes.
-The Regina can be furnished in any style and size for Parlor or Concert use; in upright artistically ornamented case connected with a hall clock, or as a automaton with money drop attachment.
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The Olympia
In 1890s The Olympia Self=Playing Music Box was the latest and most improved of all the Music Boxes with interchangeable Tune=Disks.
People could Send for Handsome Illustrated Catalog at all prices, and list of tunes. There were Over 500 Tunes are ready, and the latest music was constantly being added.
If you lived in the late 1800 the advertisers wold have toll you: Insist on Olympia Music Boxes There are no Just as Good. The Piano Could-not Produce the richness attained by the Olympia Music Box unless played by six or eight hands, and then the players must be experts. It is superior to any other make in tune and simplicity of construction. The durability you'll appreciate years from now, after inferior makes would have been worn out and useless. Disk were easily change- they were practically indestructible.
CHARMING HOME ENTERTAINMENTS could be arranged without notice if an Olympia Music Box is in the parlor- Dancing, singing, instrumental renderings- Hymns and Church Music, too.

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The Symphonion was the first and only Music Box manufactured with indestructible steel disks, in America and Europe. The Symphonion had a patented flywheel, speed regulator, side dumpers and double comb arrangement. Its parts were interchangeable. The Symphonion excelled all other music boxes in volume and sweetness of tone. And was for sale at all prominent dealers.
(1897 address)-SYMPHONION MFG. CO. Dept. B, 18 E. 14th Street, New York.-

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The Thorens family business was first registered In 1883, at Sainte-Croix (Ste-Croix), Switzerland, to produce music boxes and clock movements.
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